Here are the newsletters that I have written. This is a great way to stay even more in the loop as to what is happening in my life, with Lighthouse in Action and more!

June & July Newsletter 2015 -My 2 year anniversary with LIA, many teams in, new girls joined our staff and my role is changing!

May Newsletter 2015-The Cafe has reopened!

April/May 2015 Special Newsletter– A LARGE fire in the slums. They’ve lost everything. See how you can help them!

April 2015 Newsletter-A dearly beloved bar girl was murdered during Thai New Year. Our staff and the girls we work with are pretty shaken up.

A Restful Retreat April 2015- A time to catch up with old friends and rest for a few days.

March 2015 Newsletter-Life after attending a missionary training in the States for a month and arriving back to some new staff.


Commonly I hear “How can I help?”  My first response is: Educate yourself and pray.  If you don’t have a firm understanding of what human trafficking is (and isn’t), you will not be able to do much.

Here are some ways you can start to Fight Human Trafficking (from the A21 Campaign).

  1. Pray
  2. Spread the Word
  3. Use Your Talent
  4. Invest in Freedom
  5. Lobby Politicians
  6. Arrange a Fundraiser
  7. Encourage & Support Survivors
  8. Fast for Freedom
  9. Volunteer at Local (or international) Organizations
  10. Start an Awareness Group in your community
  11. Shop Smart – Buy Fair Trade/Slave Free

If you are committed to total worldwide abolition, these are only the tip of the iceberg.  Congratulations: your life is about to change dramatically.  The food you eat, stores you shop at, and way you view the world around you will all make a statement that you won’t support systems of enslavement


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