April 2014

  • The Zion women are struggling financially. Some have parents who are in and out of the hospital and all of their money is going to support them. There is one girl who is about to start college and fears she will not have sufficient funds to fulfill her dreams.
  • My health: The last 3 weeks have been a roller coaster when it comes to my health. From not being able to sleep well to now unable being able to digest food without pain…

March 2014

  • We are looking to expand and have another Zion Cafe in Mae Hong Song! To do this we need to raise about $110,00. Will you join us in prayer for this?
  • I am also finally grieving the passing of my grandma. Prayers of comfort and not to run from the grieving process is appreciated!

December 2013January 2014

  • We have many teams in right now serving with us during this time! Pray they will have a great experience and for the staff (we don’t want to burn out!)

October 2013

  • The Zion women here work so hard. They work on average 12 hours a day and are very tired. They sometimes feel unloved or under-appreciated. Pray that I can continue to have opportunities to invest into them and pray that they can continue to pursue what a life with Jesus is about (some know Him and others do not know Him yet but are curious) 
  • Favor with language learning. I’ve been studying 3 different dialects of Thai and at times it can be tiring.
  • Health: The weather keeps on switching so many are sick.

September 2012

  •  I’m trying to find my role here at Lighthouse in Action.
  • Learning the Thai Language as been hard this month. I feels like no progress is being made (maybe it is just super hard).

August 2012

  • 4 women have come to live at the center. One is being abused by her boyfriend and moved in with her daughter. Another no longer wants to work as a prostitute and is working and living here. And the last is here so that she will not end up back in prostitution.
  • My English students are opening up to me and shared ‘I’m just too tired.’
  • God is moving in the hearts of the women in the Red Light District.
  • Finances-my personal finances have been a little lower this month and the finances of SHE. We are building a new center and right now cannot build any further until more finances come through.
  • 40 days of prayer-we are taking 40 days to pray for vision, clarity, irection and support for SHE. Please join us in this time. We pray as a staff for 1 hour every morning and have people praying all throughout the day as well.

July 2012

  • I went out to do night ministry in the Red Light District and found a woman who broke right in front of my eyes. I held her as she wept. Pray for peace, safety and a way out for this woman who thinks she ‘has no name‘.
  • I have been having a beautiful time looking into God’s word and having it come to life right before my eyes. Pray that I would continue to keep my focus on Him as I continue to serve His beautiful people.

June 2012

Rest               Reflection              Relationships                   Vision

I’m taking the month of June as a time to pray for all four of these areas.

  • Rest-taking a break mentally and physically from the everyday work that I do.
  • Reflection-many times I go too fast to really even know what is going on. Reflecting on the past year and what God has done.
  • Relationships-I am hoping to connect with current friends and supporters and gaining some new ones as well.
  • Vision- I am praying for clarity as for what is ahead.

May 2012

Grace has been a theme for the entire month. It was in my study of the Thai language that I discovered that there is no word for grace in the Thai language. Pray that these women who come to the center would begin a journey of understanding grace and how it is the foundation of the Christian faith.

April 2012

I am in the slow process of healing. I would love for it to happen a lot faster, but I can only go at the pace my body will allow me.

March 2012

I am blessed with an opportunity to go to Malaysia for half a week with a friend from the world race. I pray that it will be an amazing time to get away, serve the people of Malaysia and reunite with a good friend.

I am sick, like really sick. I spent most of this month sick, and in the hospital and now trying to recover as quickly as I can.

Pray that as I am away sick, that my students will be alright and that they will return to class (whenever I am well again!) *We have a hard time keeping consistent students.

February 24th

Both of the women are out of the hospital, but they are still not out of the woods yet. They are still recovering and going in for checkups. Pray for healing and peace to cover them.

This week I had 8 students for both Tuesday and Thursday! It keeps growing! Plus, I have one student who is thinking about coming out of the bars. Pray for ‘N’ and that fear would not overwhelm her decision to walk into freedom.

February 20th

There has been some intense spiritual warfare taking place here. 2 of our MTS Students are in the hospital-one with a stingray sting and the other with a chemical imbalance.

February 15th

This week I have had the opportunity to sit in on the MTS lecture on Leadership. It has I been a real blessing. Please pray I can learn & absorb all that I can. Also, with me in the classroom, it has made for less time to prepare for my English Classes. Pray for God to multiply my time and that everything gets done in a timely fashion.

Also, I have been doing A LOT of work on the website. Long story short: there is something wrong with some of the coding and I have no idea now where to even look to fix it. If you know anything about coding, if you are missing a single comma, you will run into BIG problems. Pray for grace in finding this problem and that it can be resolved soon!

February 10th

Our Staff Member  is out of the Hospital, but still has not been well enough to return to work. Continue to pray for healing, rest and peace over her.

February 7th

One of our staff members at the SHE Center is in the hospital. We do not know many details as of yet, but if you could be praying for her it would be great!

February 6th

Here’s to another great week! Today I am working on preparing the course material for me teaching the govenment officials. Praise God I am growing in confidence and excitement!

Furthermore, I am working on translating a bible that was given to me that was written in a comic book form. I am still praying for more understanding of the Thai language so that I can share of His great work in their native tongue!

January 30th

Spiritual Attacks have been coming harder this month than I have experienced before.

Health-My health and the health of the staff (both Thai and Foreign Staff), team members have been under some extreme attack. For a week now, I have had a horrible migrane. I throw up often, and it has forced me to take time off from serving. This migraine has been with most of our staff and team members.

Ministry– We have had a few women really interested in coming out of the bars, but there is a lot of things coming in their way, preventing them from coming out.

January 15th

Today I leave for (potentially) my last visa run. I will be going by bus to Malaysia and getting another 3 months stay for Thailand. With our Foundation paperwork jut going through, I soon will be able to get a work permit, and only will need to go to Phuket Town and renew my visa.

Also, another long term staff will arrive tomorrow! She will be serving mainly with the teams. She will help with the scheduling, team ministry briefings, follow-up meetings, etc…

January 3rd

Here is the start of a busy season for us at SHE! We will have over 100 people come through and serve with us this month! Praise God!

Also pray that their time here will be one where they get closer to God and be able to serve God’s children here in a very practical and loving way.

Also, we have just started our MTS (Mission Training School). Pray for the 8 students attending the course. This week, they are learning about God’s World View.

December 2nd

Pray that this time with no teams, is one that brings our staff together and unifies us in a deeper and more intimate way.

We have seen some signs of this occurring, pray that it will continue and that the women would open up and share even more during our morning devotions.

November 23rd

Praise for the increase in the English Classes

Pray for finances to continue to come in as the Holidays quickly approach. Donations have been lower the past few months.

Pray for the flood waters to continue to go down in Bangkok

November 9th

We have 2 women from my English Classes coming to interview to work and live at SHE!

November 7th

Pray for the finances of SHE. More and more unexpected expenses come up.

Pray for the new MTS (Missionary Training School) we are starting in January. Pray for the students and teachers as they prepare to come.

Pray for favor as we are waiting to officially be our own ‘foundation’. The paperwork has already taken months to get to where it is at. We are at the last step, but it seems to have come to a complete halt.

November 2nd

Pray for my Thai Students. May they know that English Class is a safe place, that they have a choice and that we are here to help them transition out of their current job to something better.

Pray for wisdom as I ‘teach’ these women. Most of what I ‘teach’ is building their character, confidence and self worth. Pray that I would have the right words in every hard situation that comes up.

Pray for the flooding in Thailand.

September 9th

Again, be in prayer for our staff. They are going through some really hard hard things right now.

Also be praying for Joy* She is a student that I have had come to English Classes for about 3 months now. She really wants out, but just cannot seem to take that step of faith and get out. She is currently not working for the next 2 weeks. Pray that in this time, she will seek the help to find a new and better job for herself.

September 5th

We may need to find a need to find a new location for our English Classes. We no longer can use the same facility for free due to some financial issues of our friend. We now are paying half of the rent, but it will be too much for us to pay long term. Be praying for either a new, option or for some money to come in to pay for this facility.

We also do not have any teams in currently and none scheduled for October or December. Please be in prayer for teams to come help us further the Kingdom of God here in Phuket.

August 8th

Today I am going to a church all in Thai. Yay! Pray that I understand more and more and that I will be a blessing to the Thai people there.

I am going to Malaysia today for a visa run. Pray for the transportation (8 hour bus ride), that the paperwork goes through smoothly, and that it would be a time of rest “a get-a-way with God”.

August 4th

Praise that we are growing and moving! There are so many areas we are preparing to grow into. Now we need the staff to come and meet these needs! Pray for a Hotel Training Teacher, another English Teacher (or more), a Team Outreach Leader, a Thai Outreach Leader, an Admin person and more!

My health-my back has not been well for a week now.

July 28th

I can feel that I am getting sick (headache, back hurts and sometimes dizzy)

My roommate is currently sick.

There is a new team with us (Global Infusion). May God be with them, protecting, guiding and pouring down wisdom upon them.

July 23rd

Pray for rest this weekend for me.

July 21st

I am beginning to get tired and a little worn out as Mark and Sharon are still on their vacation. Trying to hold the fort and do 3 jobs is hard. I find I am starting earlier in the morning and stay 2 hours or so afterwards just to get what needs to get done, done.

Praise God for He is moving! In the last 4 days alone, we have had 4 people from the bars tour SHE, 1 person quit the bars and healings and deliverence happeneing all over the place. The enemy is not happy, and trying to hit us with some intense spiritual warfare. Praise God with us in these victories but also join with us as we stand and fight.

I was burned by a motorbike last week while I was waiting at the bus stop. It mostly was only a 2nd degree burn, but now we realized a part in the middle is a 3rd degree burn. And now as it is in the healing process, it went from ‘numb’ to ‘intense pain‘-where I loose my train of thought. You can pray for complete healing in this! See a picture here.

July 18th

Yolondo, an American from the States, is here for 2 months helping me establish the Hotel Training Course. Today she went out to start building the relationships with the hotels and we already had our first phone call from them! Exciting! Continue to pray for open doors and understanding with this. This will serve as a prevention program and getting the girls out of prostitution, train them up and set them with a new job.

Praises for favor in the Thai Language!

July 15th

Mark, Sharon & their family are (finally) taking a much needed vacation. Their oldest son was even able to fly out. So their entire family is together to spend time as a family. It is excting!

With this, comes more (and new) responsibilities for me. Pray that everything goes smoothly and nothing ‘BIG’ comes up.

July 13th

Praise: We have 5 students who I now can say are regulars. News has been spreading in the community as to who we are and what we do. English Classes have become more of a success.

Praise: I am gaining more and more understanding of the Thai language. I can read quicker now and I understand some. I look forward to the day when I can share the Gospel in Thai.

Pray: One of our current staff member is in a rough situation and may need to send her children away to live with her parents. She may also need to leave us here at SHE. This is not what any of us want. Pray that she knows she can stay and that it would not be a burden to us. If she were to stay here, we would provide her safe housing and she could still be with her 2 children.

Pray: Someone was parking their motorcycle and leaned the bike where the exhaust pipe touched my leg. I have a burn mark about 2-3″ long and 1″ thick. Pray it heals well and does not get infected.

July 7th

  • Pray for Paow, she shows so much interest in English Classes (wanted them everyday). She attend for some time, and we were about to offer her a job at SHE, and now her boss at the bar has her working during the same time as English Classes.
  • 2 new students (Ice and Ice) just joined English Classes and I think there is a good chance for them to decide to move out of the bars. Pray that we can continue to build good relationships with them and that we can be a good light to them.
  • Praise (and continued prayer) for the new ESL Bible Studies (read more here ). She is learning a lot about God’s word. Pray she receives it well, has a clear understanding of the message presented to her.

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