What I LOVE about Thai Culture: 7-Eleven

7-11 logo

Yep you read that right! I have come to really love 7-Elevens

(or “Seven” according to the locals)!

  1. You can get most of your daily needs here. You can get bread, drinks, diapers, office supplies, beauty supplies and all the snacks you can imagine! And you can’t forget slurpees! There is an art to it here too (compaction, then blow on the top-it freezes it and allows you to stack it high)! Try to get the most slurpee as possible. They give you the lid when you pay, so if you are able to stack it 6” taller than the cup, go for it!
  2. slurpeeYou can pay your bills at 7-Eleven! Yep, your phone bill (or buy minutes for your phone), power and water bills are all paid here!
  3. They are everywhere! Literally! You do not have to fear, there will always be one within a 5 minute walk. So when traveling or going on a walk, you do not have to fear if you didn’t pack sufficient snacks because there will be a 7-eleven in sight soon.
  4. The prices are fair. It maybe it only 1 or 2 Baht ($0.03-$0.06) more expensive than the buy in bulk store (unless they have a sale). Most of the bigger stores are out of the way, so most will just do their shopping at 7-Eleven.
  5. There is air conditioning in every 7-Eleven! And during the hot season when it is well over 100 degrees F, it is nice to stop in and just enjoy the “aircon”.


In a way, it is a ‘comfort place’ for me. When I did a visa run to Laos, there wasn’t a mini mart or even a ‘mom and pop’ little stand in sight! It was weird! Even visiting the Philippines, it was just different. They had a few mini-marts (I don’t think I saw a 7-11) but the Thai style of life is just….different; and has become my ‘normal’ way of life.


Do you have an odd ‘comfort place’ like me? I would love to hear about it below!


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About lizolson

I love people, culture and languages! I have served in Thailand for 5.5 years helping to empower women and children who are at risk of being trafficked or who are working in the sex industry. Everyone deserves a second chance....
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4 Responses to What I LOVE about Thai Culture: 7-Eleven

  1. andthreetogo says:

    I think when we started this trip, starbucks was my comfort place. I always felt at home with a chai tea latte, but they don’t serve those in Asia (so strange to me), so i never go anymore. I love the 7-11’s here. When we lived in Taiwan we had a gauge that if you couldn’t see a 7-11 with every step you must be in a very small out of the way village. It was very rare!

    • lizolson says:

      I like to play a game with the kids in the car on long road trips, to guess how many 7-Elevens we would pass along the way. We all guess then have fun counting them along the way!

  2. cornishkylie says:

    I love seven but you missed out the main attraction – TOASTIES! Seven is my go-o for drunk food and for lazy munchies. My closest shop is a Family Mart but I always walk the extra way to go to seven every time!

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