Hi, my name is “Poop Everywhere”

I went to the highest point in Thailand 2 weeks ago and it was so breathtaking beautiful and cold! (I’ve never been so cold in Thailand before! About 50 degrees) It was a great way to get to know the Zion Staff and create some good memories.


We enjoyed eating Sookie the night we were there and it is like grilling your own meat and veggies right in front of you. I ate far too much, and all of the foreigners were the first to surrender. They made fun of us for sure, but I couldn’t eat another bite!All of us enjoying Sookie


We made it back and I wasn’t feeling myself to say the least. I was late to work as I couldn’t afford to leave the bathroom. I had diarrhea, like I have never had before.

To add to the bathroom drama, I had to go one a visa run (an unsuccessful one). Try traveling with non-stop diarrhea, yeah, it is an unpleasant adventure (especially with turbulence).

I come back from my visa run and the girls asked how my trip was. They asked if I went on a small day trip and what I saw, and I really had nothing to report. The entire time I was there, I stayed in my hotel bed and bathroom.

They laughed and gave me the name “Kee dek” which translates to “Poop Everywhere”. It was all fun and games for awhile and a great way to giggle over my misfortune, but now that season has passed and my nickname has remained the same.

I think I was hoping for a cuter Thai name like Sky, Giggles, Flower or really anything else; but the name I have tells a story and it was my ticket into the start of me being able to disciple the women here. I’ve had the chance to answer some questions they have had about Jesus and begin reading the bible more and more with the women.



About lizolson

I love people, culture and languages! I have served in Thailand for 5.5 years helping to empower women and children who are at risk of being trafficked or who are working in the sex industry. Everyone deserves a second chance....
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20 Responses to Hi, my name is “Poop Everywhere”

  1. jacciturner says:

    Cool!!! I had a similar story in Israel!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Tony says:

    Amazing the things that God will use to reach people

  3. tess savage says:

    thanks for the post, beautiful pictures! have a blessed day, kee dek.  i mean “lotus flower”. XXoo tess


  4. Sandy Foster says:

    What a crazy story. God truly does use everything that comes our way!! I love you pics, such a beautiful country. Are you settling in a little better. How is the visa going?
    You are in our thought s and prayers
    Bruce and Sandy

    • lizolson says:

      I’m settling in slowly. I still need to get a motorbike and a few things for my apartment.

      I have new paperwork for my visa and I’m going to a different embassy this time. I leave in a few weeks.

      God does use everything in our lives for good! Even 2 weeks of diarrhea!

  5. Janice Atkin says:

    Dear Liz, isn’t it interesting how God works? I don’t imagine there are a lot of people who can say that diarrhea had a significant role in starting helping others read the bible etc. I do feel oh so sorry for you, I know it is no fun. Was it because you ate too much food? Do you have problems with diarrhea very often? Hopefully not. The pictures are great and you look especially happy and peaceful. Take care and may God continue to bless you in all you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lots of love and hugs. Jan

    • lizolson says:

      There was another foreigner there and he had diarrhea too for 4 days. We think out food just wasn’t cooked all the way or they used something that our bodies aren’t used to yet.

      I normally don’t have many problems with diarrhea, until now. It may be my body is learning how to re-adjust back to living in a new country.

      But it is cool how God seems to use everything for His work and for His glory. I’m not sure if there are many who can say that having diarrhea was their ticket in to sharing the gospel. It’s not a ‘normal ticket’ but I’ll take it!

  6. That’s hysterical! When I was serving overseas this summer as a missionary, I felt like I was sick half the time and just had to muscle through it. Glad you’re feeling better now! (even if the nickname never left)

    • lizolson says:


      Where were you serving this summer? What were you doing there?

      • Hey, I work for Amigos for Christ during the summers. I spend half my summer as a “desk missionary” doing data entry and financial work and the other half down in Chinandega, Nicaragua. We do everything – water systems, education, microfinance, healthcare, pay it forward programs… The list goes on and on. But I spent my time digging ditches to lay pipe for our new water system beside my Nicaraguan friends in La Chuscada (about 15 minutes outside of Chinandega). Next summer, I think I’ll be a Communications Department staffer down in Nica.

      • lizolson says:

        Fantastic! Thanks for sharing! That sounds great! What will you be doing in the meantime before you return again?

      • I’ll be at Samford U in Birmingham, AL and working part time to save up so I can head back to Nica! What about you?

      • lizolson says:

        I see. I’m currently a full time missionary in Thailand. I’ve been serving in the south for 2 years and just recently moved to the north to do a similar work (getting women out of sex trafficking, education in the villages to prevent them from ever entering the bars and a university ministry-alot of discipleship)

        I also help organize the teams that come to volunteer with us.

  7. Alys Seay says:

    It makes makes me so happy to see those pictures and know you are there with them. Your new name is awesome and what a fun story:) Haha, let’s hope it’s not prophetic:)

  8. bahaha! I love this. Missionary life. and I LOVE the pictures, miss those women so dearly! Praying for you (totally renewed health, too!) and over those relationships. Bring Kingdom, BABY!

    • lizolson says:

      🙂 I’m glad you enjoy this! 

      We miss you here too. Maybe someday we will be blessed with your presence again!

      I hope you are adjusting well back to life in the States and not forgetting all of the amazing things God has done through you in Thailand!

      Love, Poop Everywhere


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