Fear in Change

What is it about newness that terrifies us?

Moving, transitioning, change …it is a place where your own understanding/comfort/pattern is removed and you need to rely on God 100%. Does this make any sense? Well it depends on the person you ask. Some will never understand this idea of walking in faith and call you a fool. Others will say that’s the Godly thing to do, but deep down think you are crazy or “I would/could never do that”. And then there are some who live this lifestyle out on a daily basis and there is something different about them.

If you get the chance to talk to these people, you will sense no worry. Yes, they may currently be in a rough situation; yet, there’s a peace, joy, and fullness of life about them despite their trials. Why? How can this be? It is because they know the one who is all knowing and thy trust him completely. They know He’s got a better plan for them, better than anything they could ever imagine. They trust Him completely. Because of this, they’ve chosen to surrender their entire life (family, finances, future, dreams, security, comfort, etc…) to the one who is all knowing. They surrendered it all to Him and trust Him completely. As a result, there is freedom, life, joy and peace, which surpasses anything we could even try to understand.

I’m in this place where everything is about to change or already is changing.

I start teaching the government officials this week (or the beginning of the next), moving then transiting for the next chapter.

Initially, I allowed the fear to flood my mind. But then I literally had to stop, turn off the computers, music and any distractions and go be with God. I was honest with Him about everything I was feeling and released it to Him. I then sat in His presence and then I was overcome with peace.

You can have this peace too!

Are you living in fear? Are you worried about anything? Does this worry control you and trap you? I encourage you to release it all to the one who loves you unconditionally. There is no need to worry, He already knows. There is a life of freedom that awaits….


About lizolson

I love people, culture and languages! I have served in Thailand for 5.5 years helping to empower women and children who are at risk of being trafficked or who are working in the sex industry. Everyone deserves a second chance....
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2 Responses to Fear in Change

  1. Liz; how timely is this blog!
    I lost my job over a year ago and have been wanting to go into full time missions. I’ve struggled with this for a year because my mother lives with me and depends on me. I’ve been struggling with what to do, how to pay my bills, and how to do what I know God is calling me into when there are too many ties still binding me here..

    • lizolson says:

      From what I have learned, it all comes down to trust. When you fully trust someone, there is no fear or worry. If God is telling you to go, I would go. Will it be hard? Well that depends on you and your perspective you choose. Yes, no matter what may be happening around us, we can always choose our perspective and how will respond to it. I pray you will deepen your trust in the Lord. Initially it does not make any sense, but it is really freeing in the end. When you learn to have dependence on the Lord, it is a really beautiful journey. So many times in the Western World, we do not have to be fully dependent on anyone or anything. We have enough to provide for ourselves (even when we think we do not have enough, we do). But stripping yourself of all of that and allowing God to provide for it all (financial, physical, emotional, etc…) it is beautiful. Change is hard, I would lie if I said it wasn’t; but I have to daily choose to trust Him through it all. Taking it one day/hour/minute at a time.

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