‘I’m just too tired’

There have been so many blogging moments recently that I have been too overwhelmed to even write about them. So here is one:

Yesterday, I was able to teach a student more of English. She came to learn for two hours, but said at the end of the first hour that she was just too tired. I told her we did not have to study for the 2nd hour. Instead, we sat and talked for a little bit. I asked her why she was so tired and she begins to open up and tell me that she is not getting enough sleep because she has to work so much. She shared that she has only made about 2,000-3,000 baht this month, and that she ‘needs’ 30,000 to pay off all of her bills and expenses. I was shocked to hear about the 30,000 baht a month (I live on 9,000 a month and the average Thai lives on far less). She broke it down for me:

11,000 to pay off her car

9,000 for her 13 year old daughter who lives near Bangkok

5,000 for her housing

5,000 for food and general shopping.

I shared with her that she could live with me and I would provide a room for her to live in and food. She said she wanted to, but couldn’t because the salary we offer here would not pay off her monthly car payments.

She is such a smart woman. She knows Korean, Thai, Chinese and now is learning English. There is one thing I do not think I will ever understand about these Thai women: they will sacrifice everything for everyone else (especially family) no matter how much abuse or danger they put themselves through.

Some have shared that because her mother gave birth to her that she is forever in debt to her and must do all she can to make sure she is well off.  Some women have families who demand money from their daughters, and do not care how it was earned.

Mostly of what my ‘job’ is, is speaking life and worth into these women who literally feel like they have none as a person. They believe they are here solely to work for others and they are forever trapped in misery. I’m here to bring the hope of Christ and to empower these women with more. They do not have to be trapped in misery. They can find freedom. They can have security. They can be reunited with their children. They can have rest. They can find their worth outside of their abilities.


Please continue to join me in prayer for my English students. Pray that they will know that English Classes are a safe place for them. Pray they would know more of their worth. Pray for their safety as many are abused nightly.

Furthermore, pray that I may speak the words of the Lord as these women begin to open up to me. Pray that I would not carry these burdens, but release them to the Lord.


About lizolson

I love people, culture and languages! I have served in Thailand for 5.5 years helping to empower women and children who are at risk of being trafficked or who are working in the sex industry. Everyone deserves a second chance....
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4 Responses to ‘I’m just too tired’

  1. Keep speaking life girl – its making a difference even if you cannot see it. Praying ❤

  2. Valerie says:

    Hi Liz! I’ve added your prayer requests to your page in my prayer journal. I can really relate to your comment about not carrying these burdens, but releasing them to the Lord .

  3. Sandy Foster says:

    Good Morning Liz
    I will continue to pray for your English students and that the Lord will provide the pathway to get to the soul that He created and fill it with His love. What a hard path, but I am confident that He will provide the strength and knowledge to accomplish His work. You are an amazing woman of God and it is a true privilege to be able to call you my friend and sister in Christ. I can’t imagine what it does to your heart when you carry these ladies burdens, oh my goodness toooo much. I will keep you in my prayers to release them to the Lord.
    Love you

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