Blessings in the Storm

I have written this blog so many times, it is insane!

It started a week ago, where I was preparing for English class that day. And instead of packing 2 of my advanced worksheets, I had to put one back (now that I only had one advanced student-read the story here). The emotions would come back to me, and I would cry for my dear friend who was sold for months and was taken to a foreign land with a man who abuses her.

In the midst of this heartache, God showed up and really comforted me in so many beautiful ways.

I was coming home, and I went to the fruit stand to purchase some mangoes. After they weighed out my 1kg of mangoes, the fruit seller gave me 2 mangoes for free. She said I needed them and had a huge smile on her face.

There was another instant where a team was leaving and as I was walking out to answer a question for someone else; a man shakes my hand and says ‘Thank you for everything’. Inside his palm, was 1,000 Baht ($30 USD). He said he no longer had a need for this (even though he could have exchanged it at the airport-and he knew that). I was blessed.

Then, the Lord sent me an individual from Malaysia. She came to serve at SHE for only a few weeks, but I think she was sent for me. It was beautiful the (short) time we had together. We talked about culture (she is Chinese), and I was able to celebrate Chinese New Year for the first time. When she left, she left more than such a great memory, but enough for me to live here for a week.

Another great moment was at English Class. Besides the gifts of mangoes, apples and cucumbers, one of my students said she loved English Class because “it is my family”.

God is here; he always has been and always has been. And though there will be times of heartache, he will not abandon you in a time of great need. Yes, my heart still hurts for ‘J’, but I was reminded by so many little things that He is here and that He will continue to provide all that I need.

What is God doing in and around you? Do you see him at work in your life and your surroundings. If you do not feel or see Him, ask Him to reveal himself to you. Pray that you would be able to see all that He is and is doing for you.

P.S. I have done some more updates on the pictures and prayer tab! You should check them out!


About lizolson

I love people, culture and languages! I have served in Thailand for 5.5 years helping to empower women and children who are at risk of being trafficked or who are working in the sex industry. Everyone deserves a second chance....
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2 Responses to Blessings in the Storm

  1. Michelle says:

    He hears us and provides. ALWAYS. Love it.

  2. Jacci says:

    I do, he is! Yea!!

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