A New Way of Living

So life in Thailand is different….it is that simple and there are a few things I have learned to get used to like…

Taking off shoes when entering any building (church, home, office…)

Throwing the used toilet paper in the trash can (instead of flushing it down the toilet)

Squatty Potties-enough said

Carry your own toilet paper-it’s rarely ever provided

Eating with a spoon –not a fork

Showering 2-3 times a day is customary/expected

Getting a bag of fruit on the way to church is normal (only $0.30)

Be careful where you point your feet-it can been seen as ‘the middle finger’


You can take a bus into town (over an hours’ drive) for 8 Baht ($0.25) in BKK or 20-25 Baht in Phuket

Cold weather to a Thai is 80°F

You drive on the left side of the road (with the driver’s seated on the right side of the car)

 7-Elevens are referred to as “Seven” and are EVERYWHERE!   

Most light switches are located on the outside of the room (which could be dangerous with young siblings….)


About lizolson

I love people, culture and languages! I have served in Thailand for 5.5 years helping to empower women and children who are at risk of being trafficked or who are working in the sex industry. Everyone deserves a second chance....
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3 Responses to A New Way of Living

  1. Ariana says:

    all your years of practicing not showering didn’t help did it?

  2. Julia says:

    Aaaahhhh….so familiar. Welcome to my life. 🙂 It was great to have you visit, and I’m looking forward to coming to see you some time (so you can say “Welcome to my life” as I struggle to communicate and get used to all sorts of new things too.)

    So glad God has you here! Your love for people is so evident as it flows over and splashes on everyone!

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