Shower FULL of Blessings

I have been simply amazed at God and how much He is showering his love and blessings over me. It all started with a simple desire to be prayerfully sent out by a church. Though it was simple, it seemed impossible as I moved to Reno to a church that I had served while I was in college, but not many people knew me.

So I finally sent an e-mail to the head pastor, and he sent my information onto the Mission’s Pastor. I did not hear anything, then the head pastor followed up and a week later was when it all began.

The soonest I could formally meet with the Mission’s Pastor was March 24th-about 2 weeks before I was leaving. I was bummed as I would have to wait over a month for this, but grateful to even have the opportunity. But as I was talking to the Assistant, she said that I could speak to the student bible studies. I went and was told I could share as long as the Spirit led. I shared a story of a girl trapped in sex trafficking and everyone there was captivated and kept asking question after question. They asked about how my relationship with Christ developed and how it lead me to be a missionary today, the World Race, India, Operation Christmas Child, my finances etc… They then circled around me and prayed for me! Right then, my deep desire was fulfilled. It was a beautiful night. I also sold my beanies, scarves, flower clips and baked goods.

Then the following weeks I was able to sell my items in the Middle School and High School Services. What an awesome opportunity. I also was able to share for 15 minutes to the High School Service and the following week I ran the entire Middle School Service. It was fun, interactive, colorful, and full of life and stories. I started speaking all in French to introduce myself. Then asked when what they understood from that. We had World Trivia Challenge, Where in the World is ___ Country Challenge, and a Food Challenge (boys vs. girls of course). Then I was able to share my journey with Christ and how it has led me to where I am at now and where I am going. This next generation, was captivated and they understood who I was going to serve and love. So amazing!

Then news spread from that service to key people in the church and I got an e-mail saying they wanted to pray for me on stage in ‘Big Church’. I was overwhelmed. It was then, that I finally was able to meet with the Mission’s Pastor formerly, and it was so good. He asked tough questions, and questions that allowed me to share my heart and passion for missions. It was then, that he shared that they wanted to financially support me! Something I could only dream of and hope for was coming true. I struggled to hold in the tears.

That Sunday, I was on staged and I answered 3 different questions and they prayed over me. In addition, I was able to sell my crocheted items and baked goods in the lobby. I not only made $2,700 from those sales, but gained about 50-60 new monthly supporters of $10 a month or more. I am officially fully funded, and I never asked for any of it. It was told by God not to ask for money, but to trust and allow Him to provide for everything.

There was one man, who chose to be anonymous, gave me an envelope that on the outside said “Elizabeth, this is God’s money. God Bless” Enclosed were 9 bills totaling $360. I wept.

Or the little Middle Schooler who came up to me and gave me 5 quarters and 3 pennies, all that he had, and said “This is for you.”

I went to church the next week, and was so blessed. I had some great conversations with some people. One person came up to me and gave me all the cash they had and said “God told me to give this to you”, and another saying “Your testimony has captured my heart and I will give for a year and see from there how I can best support you from there.”

The days from here have only been blessings. I have had people treat me to the most amazing meals, spoil me with my favorite foods, etc…

Yesterday alone, I come home to a letter in my mail box, a hand-made envelope with my name on it and a package on my bed. I first opened the package, and it was from Michelle, my World Race team leader. Enclosed were my favorite candy and 7 letters. Letters to be opened at specific times, “now”, “on the plane”, “in Thailand”, “when in need of a laugh”, “need a reminder of truth” etc… It was so perfect and exactly what I desired-though never voiced to anyone. I then read the letter from an awesome man of god and brother. I lost control then. But what put it all over the top was the envelope. Inside it was $51 dollars from “a sister” to cover any last expenses I may have.

Then, just another hour later, was our house meeting. I gather myself together, and I met a girl that we were interviewing to come in the house. It turns out she is going on a mission trip in 2 months to SHE, where I am moving to! Oh, God.

Then, instead of the normal devotions, the girls used this time to honor me and send me out. They all wrote letters to me and read them aloud while enjoying all of my favorite snacks. Then I was covered in prayer and was presented with gifts. They pooled together money to financially support me for a few months and gave me a waterproof bible with notes from all of them inside. We ended the night with a game of Ticket to Ride. Wow, GOD!

I have been so honored, humbled and blessed. How can I deny God and how much He loves me?!?! EVERY need/desire/longing has been fulfilled and he still continues to bless me. I am so loved, and I thank God and everyone for the love that has been showered upon me.


About lizolson

I love people, culture and languages! I have served in Thailand for 5.5 years helping to empower women and children who are at risk of being trafficked or who are working in the sex industry. Everyone deserves a second chance....
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3 Responses to Shower FULL of Blessings

  1. Charlotte Clark says:

    Reading this Blog, inspired me and encouraged me. Keep going girl!! You are a woman after Gods heart and He is providing the way. I love it!!! So excited for you! This just made me wept on your behalf, I love the way God is providing, he is so God, and uses the people and things we don’t expect. Give Him the Praise!!!

  2. Julia says:

    Thank you Jesus for taking care of my good friend and lining everything up so she can come here and serve with all her heart. I pray you cover the goodbyes with peace and the transition with hope for the new season ahead. Praise God, the Creator, Giver, Provider, Father, for taking care of his little daughter.

    Love you friend and looking forward to seeing you soon!

  3. Monica says:

    AWESOME! 🙂 awesome to see how the Lord is providing for you and meeting your every need and awesome to see how perfectly He knows you and desires to meet even the tiniest desires of your heart. so excited for you- can’t wait to read your stories 🙂

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